RNL is a leading international architecture, landscape, urban and interior design practice focused on creating better design at every scale.

As a tightly integrated collection of design thinkers spanning scales, geographies and disciplines, we balance insight and aesthetics to solve complex problems and find vibrant, meaningful, high-performing solutions.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

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Amy Tabor


At heart, Amy Tabor is a problem solver. As RNL’s Director of Facilities Planning, she is known for solving complex problems for our clients – from analyzing multiple workplace strategies for a corporate headquarters to developing system wide master plans for cities, counties or universities.

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Andrew Irvine



Andrew Irvine is an energetic, creative and hands-on professional with a passion for design and a proven track record for delivering exceptional quality on projects. With more than 30 years in the industry, he’s also the one you want in charge of building, motivating and managing large inter-disciplinary teams across a broad range of project types and geographies.

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Collaborating in a transdisciplinary manner means everyone has to give and take to achieve a result larger than any one area of expertise.

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